Kendrick Lamar Shows Stretch Marks Some Love in New Song 'Humble'

By Jaclyn Harvey

Kendrick Lamar just dropped the music video for his new track "Humble," giving praise to women's natural beauty throughout.

He calls for more natural beauty, less photoshop and specifically celebrates stretch marks. You bet that we're here for it.

“I’m so fuckin' sick and tired of the Photoshop

Show me somethin' natural

Like afro on Richard Pryor

Show me somethin' natural

Like ass with some stretch marks”

Tons of women are going heavy heart-eyes over this. Which makes sense, because…you know…most of us have stretch marks.

Though, of course, this is the Internet we talkin ‘bout. There will be controversy.


“The point Kendrick missed is that bodies do not exist solely to satisfy whatever version of attractive — natural or airbrushed — men have conceived,” Sesali Bowen explains in a Refinery29 article.

Can we hear Bowen’s point but still love that Kendrick is out here praising stretch marks?!

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