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Astrological Update: Libra Season 2021

By Jayne Renault

On September 22, we celebrated both the equinox -- when the hours of daylight and darkness are equal -- and the sun moving into Libra, which is where it will stay until October 22.

Where Virgo season had us doing the hard work of organizing our lives to ensure that we’re well prepared in the long run, Libra invites us to take a moment to revel in the pleasures of what we’ve reaped.

The harvest season is for celebrating the fruits of our labors so far. Historically, this has always been a time to take a deliberate pause between seasons, like a big breath on that first crisp fall morning, and offer gratitude for everything we have at present. With Libra being ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and earthly delight as well as love and relationships, this season’s focus is on feasting and gathering with loved ones, exploring and strengthening our interpersonal relationships, and luxuriating in the last warm days of the year as much as it is enjoying the delicious frissons of early autumnal chills. 

Libra’s symbol is that of the scales, evoking that sense of duality that exists in all things. That’s why the AirVibe is our top Libra toyfriend. Like the AirVibe, Libra energy teaches us that we don’t have to choose one or the other, but find the perfect balance of both. It reminds us to take stock by asking ourselves: Where do I feel out of balance? Where am I giving too much? Where am I not getting enough? What do I need to restore equilibrium?

With their tendency toward diplomacy and affinity for social harmony, Libra people are often known as peacekeepers. They are sometimes called indecisive, but that’s only because they really take the time to hear everyone out evaluate all sides before making a thoughtful decision. They are lovers of beautiful things and that Venusian influence often gives them an artistic flair to their pursuits. There is an almost devotional drive to all that they do, from caring for their loved ones to indulging themselves, and we can’t help but be drawn to that.

It’s this Libran charm and devotion to harmony, with the self as much as with everyone around us, that we invoke for this season. You’ve worked so hard to get to this point and have looked great doing it. Now go enjoy the bounty of this year’s harvest.

Mind the Retrograde Gap

It’s that time again… As peaceful and lovely as all this juicy Libra season goodness will be, be aware that Mercury goes retrograde from September 27th until October 17th. When a planet goes retrograde, it means that it appears to be going the opposite direction in the sky. As a fast-moving planet, Mercury will go retrograde ~3 times a year for about 3 weeks at a time. These periods give us time to go inward and reflect. With this retrograde happening in Libra season, that point of reflection is set on relationships.

So while the emphasis on relationship work is strong, proceed with care. Be extra mindful tackling any conversations with a loved one and double-check that email to your boss. Because Mercury loves to mess with our technology as much as our communication systems in these times, miscommunications are a little more likely to happen.

Here are some tips for striking that perfect balance to make the most of your Libra season:

1. If you’re single, fire up that dating app

It’s no wonder that Libra season also brings the beginning of cuffing season. This is prime time for exploring new connections and inviting new relationships into our lives.

This isn’t restricted to romantic or sexual relationships. There’s a whole array of friendships and intimate relationships to be formed, for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Especially at a time where most of us haven’t had the opportunity to meet new people for a while, this could be the perfect time stretch to delve in and see who you are in relationship today. So, take a fresh selfie of that pretty face, load up your profile, and see who might balance out your scales this season.

2. If you’re already in a relationship, recommit to them

Old relationships deserve love too. And even the most easefully loving relationships require regular maintenance to run as smoothly as they have the potential to.

Perhaps you have something that needs healing in you and your partnership. Maybe it’s a big, obvious. Maybe it’s so subtle you haven’t looked at it head-on yet. Take time to sit with your person and check in: Is there something that needs a little more nurturing between us? Where could we give a little more love to find more balance between us?

3. Don’t forget about your relationship with your self

The shadow side of Libra is that if you’re not careful, you can give too much away and forget that your relationship with yourself is equally as important and worthy of tending. Like airline security recommends: put your own mask on first before helping anyone else. Because if you concern yourself too much with others, prioritizing all of that above your own care, you won’t have anything left to give anyone.

Even in the peak of the harvest season revelry, make sure to give yourself permission to take the time to rest and recharge as needed. If you have the luxury to do so, snag a midday nap or vibrator break whenever possible.

4. Have a fall feast

‘Tis the harvest season after all. Gather your loved ones, taking whatever safety precautions are still necessary for your area, and indulge in delicious abundance. Gorge yourself on goodies and good company. Turn off your phones and tune in to the conversation; a little disconnect to reconnect. After nearly two years of social breakdown, making cultivating community a priority has never been more important. Stoking the friend and family fires now is what will keep us warm through the winter.

5. Scale back for greater balance

Give your mind and nervous system a break from the constant barrage of news headlines and social media feeds. Leave the screens behind for a bit and get out into nature. Got to an art exhibit. Write in your journal. Create the perfect playlist and dance in your kitchen. Make a decadent dinner paired with a fancier wine than you’d normally buy. Take someone you care about out on a date just because. 

Simply invite in some whimsy and enjoy the beautiful things in life purely for the sake of it. Your soul will thank you for it later.

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