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Balls Deep Episode 46: No Nut November, Self Sabotage, and Sex Magick with Gabriela Herstik

By The Bellesa Team

Balls Deep: November 12th, 2021

Happy Friday, Blue Ballers! This week on Balls Deep, Rachel gets her t*****s painted, Arielle has a tipsy meet-cute at a vintage store, and together they roast No Nut November and praise Netflix’s Big Mouth. The girls schmooze about censorship and  OnlyFans’ newest creator: a museum in Vienna. Tune in to learn about the world’s first unisex condom, why we self-sabotage relationships, and the importance of establishing a “shared reality” with your partner.

Can the spiritual be sexual? Jewish-Mexican witch and sex magick expert Gabriela Herstik says YES! The author of Embody Your Magick teaches the girls how to harness the power of their orgasms and opens up about finding community in kink. Devoted to the Goddess of Love, Gaby shares how to step up your glamour game and how infusing magick into her beauty routine is her way of honoring her Holocaust survivor grandmother.

Okay, so… a Blue Baller made a sex tape and has questions about female ejaculate, and another BB wants advice on orgasming during sex without a vibrator.

Harness the power of your orgasm with our newest magic wand, the Demi Wand!

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