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Astrological Update: Sagittarius Season 2021

By Jayne Renault

Blinded by the light? Then grab your shades and get in, losers. We’re going on an adventure. It’s Sagittarius season.

On November 21, the sun moves from introspective Scorpio to adventure-seeking Sagittarius, where it will stay until December 21. No matter what your sun sign is, this season brings with it the momentum to come out of your shadowy cave and dance brightly back out into the world.

Sagittarian energy is ambitious, intrepid, and free in the best (and, to their heartbroken exes, the worst) ways. No one has mastered the art of seeking and relishing newness the way this mutable fire sign has. New ideas, new experiences, new people, places, and things… They want it all. And when they feel that thirst, they’ll drop almost anything to quench it.

With Jupiter, the planet of confidence, good fortune, and expansiveness, ruling over this sign, everything is abundant. This season reminds us that our cups do runneth over and it’s okay to take a big, unapologetic swig of whatever life has to offer.

Ultimately, Sagittarius is fuelled by a need to expand their understanding of the meaning of life. And it’s by actively seeking out foreign experiences that we might find our way closer to greater truths. Sag knows: we are limitless. And it’s because the limit doesn’t exist that we should keep seeking even more.

The shadow side of this sign’s thirst for adventure is that they can be seen as fickle and flighty. It doesn’t like to feel trapped or, worse, bored. But while I, a hot-headed Aries, have been slighted and ghosted by the odd Sagittarius in my day, there will be no Sag-shaming here. The unapologetic freedom-seeking that Sagittarius exemplifies for us is an important lesson our the journey to owning our pleasure and happiness. Sag shows us that it’s by prioritizing our freedom and having an appreciation of the world around us that we may reach our own personal enlightenment.

Scorpio season encouraged us to dive deep into our emotional depths and this year felt especially heavy for a lot of us. Being in the underworld of the soul was important but hard work!  But fiery Sagittarius is here now to light our way back to the surface and revel once again in the joys all around us. If you had a particularly rough time in the mental health department this fall, this energetic uptick may be the boost you need to rise again.

Here are some tips for yielding to your inner adventurer and making the most of your Sagittarius season:

Go somewhere new

Sagittarius approaches living life as the adventure that it is. And when things get too quiet, like when the stagnancy of routine sets in and the excitement disappears, it’s time to shake things up, post-haste! 

You might not be able to get up and go to faraway lands just yet. But just because jetting off to a foreign country isn’t feasible doesn't mean that adventure can’t still abound. 

There’s plenty happening closer to home. Shake off the dust of your little routine and go to a part of town you’ve never been. Stroll the streets and take in the facades of shops and cafes just waiting to be discovered.

Try out a totally new toy

There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you like and doing what’s familiar. But what better time than now to try something new? If you’re a classic vibrator user, consider a suction toy. Curious about how a vibrating cock ring works? Well, we’ve got the perfect ring for you to start with. And if you’ve never used a toy before, take the quiz to find your perfect vibe.

Inviting totally different sensations than what you’re used to will expand your understanding of your own body and how it experiences pleasure right now.

Broaden your erotic horizons

Again, knowing what you like is great. But Sagittarius reminds us that by exploring, we can find even more things to like. Usually watch your porn? Try listening to it instead. Never read an erotic story before? Well, we’ve got a whole library to peruse to your heart’s content. Or maybe you’re an avid smut reader? Pick a story that isn’t your regular fare. 

Maybe it won’t do it for you. But maybe you’ll be surprised by how some aspect of it actually turns you on. You never know unless you try, and that exploration journey is what Sagitarrius is all about. 

Don’t forget about the outside world

This advice will never get old, but the reasons why change a bit from one season to the next. Sagittarius rules over the thighs and hips, so now is an especially good time to give a little extra love to your lower body and stretch those legs. 

It’s easy to avoid for those who have winter setting in now. But getting out for a walk, especially in a nature-dense area, can do wonders. Letting your mind and feet wander in this way boosts memory function, keeps your mind sharp and body fresh, and encourages creativity.

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