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Satisfyer kegel balls single

Satisfyer Kegel Balls - Single

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The Satisfyer Kegel Balls - Single is the perfect trainer for your pelvic floor and love life. Taking care of your body and keeping fit helps you get the most out of life, and this applies just as much to your sex life. Wearing the kegel balls for about 15 minutes a day trains your PC muscles - muscles that allow you to climax more easily and with greater intensity. Getting in shape is most fun when you can measure the results, which is why this sensual set contains 3 different love balls: All three have a diameter of 3.8 cm / 1.49" and are thus the same size, but each has a different weight. Start with the lightest and gradually work your way up. In this set, the lightest ball weighs 61.9 g / 2.18 oz (normal), the middle one 82.1 g / 2.89 oz (experienced) and the heaviest 97.9 g / 3.45 oz (advanced).

Weights: 51.9 g, 82.1 g, 97.9 g