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Astrological Update: Pisces Season 2022

By Jayne Renault

Time to make your wettest and wildest dreams come true, bbs. It’s Pisces season. 

On February 18, the sun moves from inventive Aquarius to intuitive Pisces, where it will stay until March 20. No matter what your sun sign is, this season brings with it the opportunity to slow down, go deep, dream big, and feel everything.

Where Aquarius season has us reconnecting with friends and colleagues, implementing innovative ideas that bring people together, and being unwavering in what makes us individuals, Pisces invites us to dive into our spiritual depths and connect with the fabric of the entire cosmos. 

Something Old to Something New

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac. Having gone through the entire cycle, this sign holds within it all the wisdom – the highs and lows and ups and downs – of the other signs. It has seen it all and it’s getting ready to call it a night, reconnect with the source of the universe, and make way for the new astrological year to begin.

As with all endings, there’s a sentimentality to this time of year. In the northern hemisphere, the promise of spring is right around the corner, but first we have to go through the last of the dying winter. If you find yourself deep in your feels this month, embrace the Pisces waterworks and just go with the flow.

A Walk on the Ocean

There is an otherworldly dreaminess that comes with this level of depth and surrender. Pisces is ruled by two planets – Jupiter, who comes with a sense of faith, expansiveness, and luck, and the later discovered Neptune, the planet of imagination and illusion, dreams and delusions. As a water sign represented by the symbol of the fish, Pisces takes the sea metaphors to the bottom of Neptune’s seas and beyond. With these combined energies, it’s perhaps no wonder then that Pisces has a reputation for oceanic depths of emotional awareness as well as psychic tendencies.

Pisces energy is a cocktail of altered states of consciousness. It’s creative and poetic, charming and sensitive. It’s emotional intelligence that flirts with the spiritual. It’s spiritual depth that borders on mysticism. From mental health walks to meditation, Pisces season is a perfect time to reconnect with or deepen your spiritual practice, whatever that might be for you.

Here are some tips for making the most of your Pisces season:

Invest in a new lube

[Enter your jokes about fish and water here.] 

This one might be a little on the nose, but it doesn’t make it any less valid. There’s nothing wrong with some of those drugstore brands of lube, but ‘tis the season to get wet and dive deep.

In the spirit of taking the best care of your body and soul, we want your go-to lube to be one that feels good for you, last as long as your most sentimental sexy sessions, is irritant-free, works with *all* your toys, and is within reach whenever you play, alone or with a partner. 

Turn your masturbation into an orgasmic meditation

When you go into self-love mode this season, maybe try something a little different: try to slow down and go deep. There’s nothing wrong with a quick and functioning release to let off some steam, break up the day, kill some time, help you get to sleep or whatever other reason you take a masturbation break.

But what if simply feeling into the sensations was the goal? Try setting a timer for 15 minutes (at least!) and rather than chasing an orgasm, focus on the physical sensations in your body at the connection between you hand or favorite sex toy. Be in the moment, as they say, and just see what happens.

Connect on a deeper level with your partner

This is one of the most romantic and sensual times of the year, taking sensuality to an almost spiritual level without even trying. The soul just goes there because it feels the seasonal call to get deep and dreamy. 

Hot on the heels of valentine’s day. Pisces season gives you the opportunity to take those passionate fires you stoked with yourself or your partner and, rather than letting it fizzle out, really deepen that connection. Couples toys like the Luvli Ditto wearable vibrator, which can be worn during bedroom fun, are awesome for ensuring everyone is optimizing their pleasure in the midst of connection. And since Pisces rules the feet, trading foot massages is also a great way to share the love and feel into some more intimate, affectionate touch.

Dive into your imagination

Pisces energy loves the liberation that comes with escaping into a fantasy. In fact, Pisces can prefer exploring the terrain of the imagination over playing out an adventure in real life because there are no limits in the dream world. You can go anywhere, with anyone, at any time, at your leisure. 

Listening to an audio erotica story can help get you in the mood without the distraction that sometimes comes with looking at a screen. Tune in, relax, and let the narrator warm up your imagination muscles then send you off on the perfect pleasure journey.

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