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Shower Sex 101

By Maya Khamala

Sex is inherently fun when you’re doin’ it with the right person. But variety is the spice of life, am I right? Ever tried adding water to the mix? 

If your sex life needs a li’l shift or you simply feel like getting wet to get wet, luring your partner into your mini-waterfall is a provocative way to flow together, ‘nam sayin’? Shower sex may also be an appealing option if you want to explore period sex without the mess, you want to drown out the sound of your moaning so your nosy roommate can’t hear you, or you’re simply too impatient to wait for your sheets in the dryer.

When carried out properly, it’s a unanimous truth that shower sex can be hot and steamy in all the best ways. That said, gettin’ down ‘n dirty where you get clean is more potentially hazardous than Hollywood would have us believe—and it ain’t for everyone.

But if the thought of makin’ whoopee whilst water cascades down every inch of your partner’s body is too sensuous to pass up, you’re not alone. To keep things safe yet racy, consider the following shower sex safety tips before you soak your groove on. 

Safety tips

- Invest in nonslip accessories. It should go without saying that shower sex has extra potential for slip-slidey action—whether solo or partnered, but especially with a partner. As a safety precaution, get yourself a nonslip mat so your shower floor is less slippy and more grippy. You can also get suction cup handles and footrests so you can better prop yourself up in new and otherwise awkward positions.

- Remove razors,  bars of soap, and shampoo. Knocking your bath accessories over in the thick of it can be both distracting and potentially dangerous if it leads to someone slipping. Not to mention, you may just need the space provided by that ledge or shelf to strategically place a hand or foot.

- Store your condoms in the bathroom. You know, to avoid last-minute nude sprints to the bedroom, which can send a person sprawling—injury is not the best foreplay. Also, it’s smart to roll a condom on before getting into the shower to avoid water getting inside the condom and causing unnecessary chafing or slippage. 

- Use the right lube. While water is indeed wet, it’s not slippery, and is therefore no substitute for lube. You want to use silicone-based lube in the shower so it won’t rinse off as quickly as water-based, and won’t damage condoms like an oil-based lube. Keep your lube close by so you can reapply as needed. Hot tip: never use soap or shampoo as lube! Not unless throwing off your delicate pH balance and causing a vaginal infection sounds like fun. 

Bonus tips

While not directly related to safety, the following tips will help you keep it sexy—and isn’t that the whole point of shower sex to begin with?

- Clean your shower first. No one gets aroused by crusty soap scum, hair in the drain, or worse, moldy tiles.

- Get clean as foreplay. Whatever you do, don’t skip foreplay, because being wet doesn’t mean you’re auto-aroused. In fact, you might want to soap each other up as part of your warm-up session. What better way to get to know each other’s intricacies? Be sure to rinse off very well. however, before moving on to any balancing acts, ‘cause soap is slippery—you heard it here first.

- Don’t be penetration-centric. Whether in the shower or out, penetration is not your be-all and end-all. Plus, if you struggle to achieve penetrative sex in the shower, don’t lose heart—water can be tricky. Besides, oral sex lends itself very well to the shower as well, as does a little erogenous ecstasy.

- Consider water-proof sex toys. Think, bath toys for adults. There are some pretty incredible waterproof sex toy options available nowadays—from next-level vibrators and dildos, to butt plugs, anal beads, and cock rings, the possibilities really are endless.

Positions to try

Once you’ve prepped your space and taken all possible precautions, how exactly will you approach shower sex? Consider trying the following wet ‘n wild (yet practical) positions to get the most out of your shower sexperience!

- Upright doggy-style. One person places their palms flat against the shower wall, leaning forward with knees slightly bent. This allows the other to penetrate from behind using a penis, toy, or fingers. They’re also perfectly positioned to love up your clit, perineum, or other delicious parts.

- Captain Morgan. Facing each other, one partner lifts up their leg, resting it on the edge of the tub, or a bench. The other partner can then enter from the front with a penis, fingers, or a toy. If you don’t have a bench or a ledge, one person might hold the other’s leg up. If you have a shower handle to hold onto, even better. Reverse this position, for, um, back entry.

- Wet cowgirl/boy. One partner sits on the floor of the shower/tub while the other sits on their lap facing them to allow for penetration. This move is great if you’re worried about slipping on wet tile, because there’s no risk of falling over. Just make sure you're shower's extra clean. Bonus: with the right angle, this can also work for anal.

- Chairperson. Think reverse cowgirl. One person sits on a shower bench, the tub’s edge, or the floor while the other sits on their lap—facing away from them—for either vaginal or anal penetration. The one sitting can reach around and play with their partner’s nipples or genitals, while the one straddling can put their hands on their partner’s knees for support.

- Upright oral. One person stands while the other kneels down in front of them. Always ensure that the giver has a nonslip mat under their knees for comfort, and that they’re optimally positioned under the shower stream (in other words, that they’re not getting a nose or mouthful of water).

Bottom line: when done right, sex in the shower can be fun, sexy, and extremely, um, refreshing. At the same time, if it’s not working, no one is going to judge you for getting out of the shower and gettin’ it on dry land either. 

Hot ‘n steamy sex 4 all. <3

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