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7 things you should know before you make a sex tape

By Maya Khamala

If you’ve ever watched porn, or even a steamy sex scene in a movie, you may have imagined what it might be like to star in your own filthy flick. Making a sex tape sure isn't as taboo or even risqué as it once was. Maybe you’ve thought about making a solo vid (hawt), or maybe your partner has been implying interest of late. 

While the thought of being on camera gets you wet, you may have a few concerns, like what if you and/or your partner look bad or weird? What if it’s awkward AF? And perhaps most concerning of all—what if your private moments are made public? When a tape gets leaked—whether by accident or not—it can be extraordinarily stressful. 

While it is totally possible to make a hot sex tape with relatively little risk to your personal privacy and security, you just gotta know how. 

Consider the following 7 tips for keeping those sexy moments you captured from ruining your ability to get a job and/or look your parents in the eye down the line. Unless, of course, this is legit your porn star debut.

1. Set ground rules. 

You simply must make sure that you and your partner are on the same page. Are you both equally interested in making a sex tape? If so, you might discuss whether to include sex toys, specific positions, bondage, or roleplay. What are you both hoping to get out of making a sex tape? If you want to do it for your own private enjoyment but your partner might be open to sharing with others, it may be best to hold off until your intentions are more aligned. Who will be in control of the tape once it’s complete and where will it be stored? These questions deserve real consideration, because let’s face it, once something hits the internet there’s really no going back.

2. Make a plan.

If you want to, that is. Maybe you and your partner both want to improvise, and you trust each other. Good on you, daring adventurer. Otherwise, a few things to maybe consider: mood, lighting, room layout, music, and camera angle(s), to name a few. If you’re going to take the time to make a sex tape, it might as well look good, right? Once you find the right spot, whether it's your bedroom, the kitchen table, or a stairwell, remove anything from the area that could be a mood killer, like your dirty socks or pizza boxes. Favor warm, flattering yellow or orange lighting over harsh, direct lighting. Add a couple candles to up the romance factor.

3. Don’t skip foreplay.

While the occasional quickie can be hot AF when you’re already amped up, there is a time and place for skipping the entrée, and your first sex tape is probably not one of them. In other words, don't skip the foreplay. A quality warmup will get you in the mood and relax you if you’re nervous (totally normal). If you want a concise sex tap, do what it takes to feel connected, intimate, and in the pleasure zone before the camera starts rolling—this might include making out, dry humping, or cuddling. Of course, it might also be really hot to make a longer recording which includes all that foreplay. Mmmm.

4.  Consider the view & wipe approach.

The safest way to make a sex tape might be to watch it right away it and then delete it forever. While you might think this defeats the whole purpose, and perhaps even squanders your artful skill, the process rather than the end result is actually the whole point—the journey rather than the destination, lovelies. Hot tip: always make sure your deleted files have really and truly been removed from recycling bins, phone storage, etc.

5. Consider the face off approach.

While your body is unique to only you and might boast a thousand recognizable trademarks (from tattoos, to scars, to piercings), the only truly incriminating factor is your beautiful face. That’s why there is always the extra smart option of leaving your faces out of the whole naughty affair. That way, you can keep the video on your device (always password protected, of course!). Plus, if it ever accidentally got out, you could feasibly deny it’s you. But yeah, avoid accidentally leaking a sex tape, ‘kay?

6. Be tech savvy.

You might want to avoid saving your video to cloud storage platforms, as they can be hacked relatively easily. Sometimes its’s best to go old school and stick to a using your trusty old cell. That said, remember to always password protect (it bears repeating) both your phone and any incriminating files. Neglect this, and the next thing you know, your bestie is snooping through your phone while you’re in the bathroom (for real though, besties don’t snoop like that). Whatever you do, never share your passwords with anyone unless you definitely want others accessing your sex tape.

7. Don’t try to be a porn star.

Again, unless this is your legit porn star debut, baby. Otherwise, don’t feel like you have to mega perform just because you're being filmed. After all, mainstream porn tends to feature positions, body types, and sexual scenarios that are divorced from everyday reality, and therefore unattainable. While making a sex tape can be the perfect opportunity to try something new with your partner, it’s also A-OK to stick to what you both love and are comfortable with. Some couples/lovers may prefer to pretend that the camera isn’t there at all. So what if you mess up and fart and start laughing or fall off the bed? It won’t be perfect, but it’ll be you, and that's what’s hot. Have a sense of humor, get yours, and when you’re ready to relive the action with your partner, make sure you’ve got time to get down ‘n dirty again, ‘cause sex tapes can be powerful aphrodisiacs.

One love. <3

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