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Everything you need to know about sex resorts

By Maya Khamala

Let’s face it. If it weren’t for the ceaseless daily grind, you’d probably grind a lot more than you currently do, am I right? This is why people tend to have so much more sex on vacation—they’ve broken ties with well-worn routine, embraced their innate ability to relax (to whatever extent possible), and welcomed more of an “anything goes” attitude. Indeed, not only do 50% of Americans have more sex while away from their “normal” lives, but they also tend to be more romantic, kinkier, and more open to experimenting. In fact, 40% of vacationers bring a sex toy along in anticipation of sexy times—you heard it here first.

But the thing is, even the very best of vacations present frustrating barriers to letting loose and getting it on. From cramped hotel rooms to beaches you don’t fully wanna sneak around on at night, to a partner who still can’t break their gaze from their smartphone, there comes a time when you might start to fantasize about breaking free, throwing your phones out the window, and getting yours on the pool table, in front of everyone. Hell, let everyone else join in too.

Enter sex resorts/retreats, where the only thing hotter than the sun is the action. Ok, they're not all in tropical places, but most are—understandably so. If you’re looking to dive into a little more than just margaritas (and ocean waves!) on your next vacation, sex resorts may be for you. They have everything amenity of a regular resort, and then some, nam sayin’?

What exactly is a sex resort?

While almost everyone on a regular vacation surely wants to get laid in new and exciting ways (Mile-high club, anyone?), sex resorts are explicitly honest about the focus of the trip, and they cater openly to sexual adventurers. Although different sex resorts have different vibes, going around scantily clad or even nude is both allowed and encouraged in many of these adult-only hotspots.

Imagine a hotel where everything is ideally set up to facilitate sex, or voyeurism, or exhibitionism, as the case may be. Clean, wide beds, comfy benches, and well-designed social icebreakers with perfect strangers are just the beginning. Staff are encouraging, to boot. Many of these erotic havens offer nude pools, erotic massages, pole dancing classes, naked sports, and even “playrooms” for larger groups to fool around (read: straight-up orgy possibilities).

Note: while public sex acts are typically prohibited by sex resorts on paper, where there’s a will, it can and does happen too.

Who are sex resorts for?

In short, sex resorts are open to any and all consenting adults, aged 18-100+. They cater to a diverse range of individuals, whether single and down for casual sex, in a committed monogamous relationship, blissfully and ethically non-monogamous, or anywhere in between and beyond these basics categories of sexual being.

Sex resorts offer a judgment-free space for naughty exploration and intimate connection with your SO and/or that hottie from across the dance floor—and/or his three hot friends.

What's the vibe at a sex retreat?

While people who go to sex resorts all want to get sexy, they're far from a homogenous lot! Some sex getaways offer more of a meditative, mindful or tantric type of atmosphere, while others are focused on helping couples enhance intimacy, and still others are all about helping anyone and everyone break loose, embrace their sexuality, and get a little crazy, just for fun's sake.

What all of these resorts usually have in common is a respect for the language of consent. As is the case in many spaces that are honest about the specific, sexual nature of a given atmosphere (i.e., kink and BDSM circles), consent tends to be a basic, baseline understanding shared by all. Otherwise, it simply wouldn’t work out at all. Sex everywhere? Cool. But that still doesn’t mean you do anything you don’t wanna do. Wanna watch or be watched but would rather not be touched? There is something out there for everyone. At a dedicated sex retreat, chances are high that you’ll find others just as excited about your desires as you are, no matter how taboo or vanilla they may be.

Why go to a sex retreat?

By the end of their stay at a sex resort, many monogamous and polyamorous couples alike find that their bond has been strengthened by their shared ability to explore sex without the usual barriers of daily work-stress-sleep cycles.

And single peeps attending with friends or even solo often find they’ve learned something new and exciting about the nature of their innermost fire ‘n desire—something they can take with them, as they move forward, renewed, into whatever phase of life comes next.

No matter who you are, sex retreats offer a deliciously dramatic way to shift gears and remove yourself from your usual circumstances, pressures, and concerns—and work it all out as you see fit.

Sex resorts to watch

There are many—you can find them with a quick search. But here, for your careful consideration and perusal, a few notable picks:

- IntimacyMoons, Barbados. This gorgeous spot offers a variety of couples’ retreats designed to strengthen communication, understanding, and intimacy. Group couple and private couple retreats are both on offer, with a focus on everything from conflict resolution, to exploring erotic fantasies, to gender role expectations.

- Hedonism II (aka Hedo), Jamaica. This sex resort located right on the beach in Negril may be the most famous all-inclusive resort of its type in the world. It's got a “prude side” and a “nude side”—though most spend their time on the latter. There are sex huts all over the place, and a swingers playroom to boot. They also host special weeks geared explicitly toward LGBTQ+, threesomes, and millennials.

- Wild Tantra Path of Awakening, the Netherlands. While not hyper accessible given that it lasts 2 years (!) this is a process of committed sensual awakening for couples and singles alike. It includes 8 retreats, each one building on the last. Participants use Tantra to travel a path of sexual enlightenment. The program focuses on orgasms, kundalini energy, and more.

- Temptation, Mexico. Cancun, baby! Temptation has been called the most queer-friendly sex resort out there. This topless playground features a "Sexy Pool" with a swim-up bar, themed nights, as well as custom live performances.

- Luxury Lifestyle Vacations, Paris, Tahiti, Cancun, and beyond. LLV-Club is an international lifestyle travel agency with 20+ years’ experience in swingers tourism. Adventurers can live out their fantasies with erotic workshops, renowned DJs, theme nights, and luxe playrooms—both at five-star resorts and aboard luxury cruises.

- Passion & Presence, online. Not ready or able to go to an in-person sex retreat? Not to worry. This “mini-retreat” offers mindfulness-based intimacy-enhancing forays for couples of all stripes—all readily accessible via Zoom. Think “private home play activity,” entirely tailored to your comfort level.

Happy trails to all y’all. May the path be inviting. <3

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