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Astrology Update: Aries Season 2021

By Jayne Renault

Listen up, bbs. Aries season comin’ in hot, so pay attention to me.

It’s time to wake up, shed your cozy winter wear, and spring to life! You’ll have plenty of time in Taurus season to look back on this leap — for now, let’s just dive right in.

Hot on the heels of the spring equinox, the sun moved into Aries on March 20 and it will be here until April 19. This marks the beginning of a brand new zodiac year, with Aries as the baby and first born of the astrological family. Just like our #1 bb Aurora, there is an emphasis on how they’re the first, they’ll always be number one, and don’t you forget it.

Ruled by Mars, the planet of action and directness, aggression and passion, desire and sex (y’know, all that fiery good stuff), playful and hot-headed Aries is the harbinger of a whole lot of “get shit done” energy. After months of incubating in the cold, dark winter, the light of this cardinal fire sign is a welcome shift. This time of year brings with it the spark of life that invites in all kinds of excitement, drive, and HEAT.

If you’ve felt like you’ve been stuck in a bit of rut, now is the perfect time to shake things up. No matter your sign, sun in Aries can bring the boost of inspiration you’ve been needing to pursue fresh ideas, start new projects, explore new experiences, and engage in spontaneous adventures.

If you can harness the momentum of this initiating Aries energy, you’ll be in an even better position to manifest the shit out of your big bold schemes and dreams next month when Taurus comes around to bring us back down to earth. Just stoke your fires now and see what happens.

With spring fever in the air (in the northern hemisphere), everything is coming alive. Like the bear coming out from their long hibernation, there is a deep, primordial hunger stirring in us now. It’s encouraging us to wake up, breathe some life into our winter-weary bones, and get a dang snack. And I’m not just talking food here. ;)

Libidinous Aries reminds us that this hunger is not only healthy, but can also be super empowering. Abolish any sense of “guilty” when it comes to your pleasure. That appetite is valid and it’s an indication of what we need — and deserve! — which as far as Aries is concerned is to give into our basic impulses, to let our imaginations run wild, to frolic in the literal and figurative fields just because we feel like it.

This is a fantastic time to prioritize the pursuit of pleasure and personal power in all its forms. (Aries doesn’t really know how to do one without the other, nor do they care to learn.) Of course, the dark side of this can be over-indulgence. But if we can stay mindful while we give in to our very valid cravings, there’s a LOT of potential awaiting us in the, erm, coming weeks. 

Because if all that wasn’t enough, Venus, the planet of love and babeliness, has moved into Aries now too and will hang out there until April 14, making this season even more potent than usual in the areas of love and sex. 

For our singles and polyamorous pals on the lookout for new encounters, it could come in the form of lots of flirting and beautifully fleeting spring flings. Aries loves the thrill of the pursuit,and in courtship and sex, a little challenge and a little chase is sure to encourage any spark that’s there. Fire up your apps and see who else is ready to play (safely, given that this global panini hasn’t fully cooled off yet).

If you’re partnered up, harness this fire energy to bring a little newness into the bedroom. It could be something as simple as sharing some fantasies with each for the first time. Or you could go all out by playing around with power dynamics. We recommend tying bae to the bed with a nice made-for-BDSM-play bondage rope or upgrading your strap-on situation

Whatever boldness looks like for you, do something outside your comfort zone. You never know what you might discover.

Since Aries rules the head, along with the face, eyes, and brain, watching porn or reading erotica can be an awesome way to stimulate this underrated erogenous area and raise the heat, be it with your lover or during solo love sesh. With your Bellesa Plus membership, you can enjoy all the ethical adult content your eyeballs can handle in one convenient place.

Looking for an erotic read with Big Aries Energy?

Try ‘I Dare You’ by Lauren Emily or ‘Comings and Goings’ by Jayne Renault

No matter your relationship status, don’t forget that you can take advantage of these independent passionate vibes to fall a little more in love with yourself. Go through the ritual of putting on the perfect look and enjoy a sexy photo shoot with yourself or impulse buy that sex toy you’ve been eyeing all winter. My Aries season challenge to you is to give yourself permission to feel good. Pleasure is your birthright. Now you just have to reach out and accept it.

To really ram this point home: it’s been a long-ass year and while we’re not out of the woods yet, we’ve got everything in us that we need to power through this. And when you prioritize your pleasure, you enhance your power. 

So go on — take that big, bold Aries spark and light it the eff up, my good bbs.

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