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Sex Toys
Anal Toys

Anal Toys

This year, butt stuff is in. Booty play adds a whole new layer of adventure and excitement to your sex life. Discover our selection of anal starter kits, butt plugs, and anal vibrators. Just remember, when it comes to anal play, lube is your new best friend. Pro tip: if there’s no flared base, it doesn’t go in your butt.

You want Anal Toys? We got ‘em.

What are anal sex toys?

Essentially, anal sex toys are sex toys you can put safely in your butt. Shocking, I know. When thinking about anal play it is important to go looking specifically for these types of toys, since they are designed with flared bases to make sure they don't get...lost. Most commonly when shopping for anal toys, you'll be met with anal dildos, butt plugs, anal beads and anal starter kits – the perfect starting place for all butt play newbies. 

Even though these might seem quite intimidating, just like any other sex toy, they are meant to  enhance your sexual explorations and pleasure. It might seem as though almost everyone is either having or talking about butt sex these days – but don't feel pressured. If it's something you feel curious about, anal sex toys can be a great way of comfortably exploring this new avenue at your own rhythm. As mentioned in our 4 important tips for anal sex, it's all about finding the right mindset.

What are the different types of anal toys?

  • Anal starter toys, for all butt play enthusiasts looking for toys to kick start their backdoor action adventures. Ranging from anal training kits and starter sets to anal beads that come in all kind of fun shapes and sizes.
  • Butt plugs, for that feel good feeling of fullness, discover our range of anal plugs, from vibrating to glass models.
  • Anal vibrators, your favorite anal sex toys, just with additional great vibes to make an already pleasurable experience even better. 

What are the best anal toys?

At Bellesa Boutique, you know that no matter what you're into, we have the toy for you. If you're new to butt action or a seasoned pro, rest assured that the anal toy of your dreams will find its way home to you quickly and discreetly. Recommended by our team of sexperts, discover our round up of best anal sex toys for women.

  • The perfect anal toys for beginners are ones that will ease you into butt play, and what better way to do that than with the They-ology Wearable Anal Trainer Set. What can be a daunting experience is made pleasurable and stress free thanks to their five smooth silicone dilators that you can easily wear on the daily. On a budget? The Calexotics Anal Training Kit fits the same bill, with three different sizes. Perfect also for double penetration!
  • Perfect for couples, the Satisfyer Beads are a 2-pack of luxury ribbed beads – one with rounded notches and the other diamond shaped – that can immediately elevate your penetrative experience, and allows you to control the amount of fullness you want to experience.
  • If you're looking for a beginner vibrating butt plug, look no further than the A-Play Vibe Beginner Plug. Have fun exploring its smooth body safe silicone feel, 10 vibration modes and wireless remote control feature.
  • The best anal sex toy for women is also the most versatile toy. Bellesa's Gaia literally does it all: with a vibrating head for clit stimulation, curved tip to hit the g-spot just right and a flared base for anal and prostate play, it really is the toy that reigns supreme.
  • Looking for an anal toy that is both beautiful & highly pleasurable? The Rosebud Glass Butt Plug & Amethyst Rain Glass Butt Plug are the ideal additions to your pleasure tool box if you're looking to invest in some wearable works of art.

Tips on how to use your anal sex toy

Educate yourself: Everything you need to know can be found here in our Anal Sex 101: a beginner's guide to safe and pleasurable anal sex. No matter where or how you read it – alone in bed or out loud with a partner (hot!) – you'll be happy you did before you start getting invested in this new ass-ignment. Learning new things is such a turn-on, don't you agree?

Start small: You might want to jump right into things and dive off the deep end, but trust us, that likely won't end well. First of all, you're going to want to make sure you're properly aroused so that your sphincter muscles are relaxed enough to stretch & accommodate any kind of penetration. Fingers or our anal training kits are your new best friend.

Practice safe sex: As outlined in our Bellesa Wiki page on Anal Sex, the tissues of the anus and rectum are delicate and vulnerable to injury. This means that any micro-tears in the anal lining can introduce the possibility of passing infection between partners. To minimize the risk of infection, we recommend using protective barriers, such as condoms or dental dams.

Lubrication: There really is no limit to the amount of use you can use during anal sex. Unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating and therefore requires some kind of lubricant in order to facilitate safe and pleasurable sex.