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Sex Toys
Couples Sex Toys

Couples Sex Toys

Shop our sex toys for couples online at BBoutique. Increase your pleasure and his stamina with a vibrating cock ring. Improve your sex life- together!

Yes, all sex toys are technically couples toys. But these wearable vibrators and panties, long-distance sex toys and cock rings were created specifically with couples in mind, crafted to maximize pleasure without sacrificing connection. So next time you buy a pleasure product for your solo session, invite your partner to browse along with you. With our selection of over 130+ sex toys for couples, you’ll be sure to find the perfect toy for double the fun at Bellesa Boutique.

You want Couple's Sex Toys? We got ‘em.

What are sex toys for couples?

Sex toys for couples are adult pleasure products that are specifically designed to use with a partner. The types of toys are more often than not your standard dildo, vibrator or butt plug. But these come with a twist: features that either put your pleasure in the hands of someone else (think: vibes with remote controls) or allow your partner's pleasure to be extended (cock rings for the win). In both cases, it's a win-win situation!

At Bellesa, we are on a mission to normalize using toys during sex. You already know the virtues of using toys during solo play. If you have a partner, we say: don't be shy! Introduce them to the wondrous world of sex toys as well. Toys are there to add to the pleasure and elevate the experience for both of you – not to replace anyone.

As a couple, you can use sex toys to either spice up your normal routine or to discover new kinks. Whatever you are exploring when it comes to sex, doing it with a partner only makes it a more fun, and oftentimes connecting, experience. So don't be afraid to open up your toy box and share are the goodies you've accumulated – show off your gadgets and gizmos of plenty. Who knows what treasures you'll uncover together?

What are the different types of couples sex toys?

  • Wearable: if you're looking for something extra to put on, like strap-ons, as well as panty or finger vibrators.
  • Long Distance Sex Toys: for pleasure that is app-controlled and can be commanded from across a room.
  • Cock Rings: for a longer-lasting penetrative sex experience.

What are the most recommended sex toys for couples?

Scrolling with your partner and don't know what to decide on? Our Would You Ever? kink compatibility test is a fun way to start that conversation and offers you suggestions on the best sex toys to introduce into your life based on your preferences. Still wondering what the must-have sex toys for gay or lesbian couples are? Here are our bestselling couples sex toys at a glance.

  • Get vibing Demi Lovato's Demi Wand by yours truly, Bellesa Boutique.
  • Have fun keeping quiet with this secret! Within the lace fabric of the Hidden Pleasure Panties Wireless lays a powerful vibrating bullet that syncs to a remote control. 
  • Want a helping hand - or tongue - during oral sex? The Finger Pro by Bellesa clit vibrator is here to answer your prayers, with ten tongue flickering intensities.
  • The Luvli Ditto 2 wearable couples vibrator toy is a direct clit and g-spot stimulator that offers extra stimulation from the palm of your partner's hand.
  • A great sex toys for lesbian couples, the Strap U Evoke Strapless Strap On is the perfect choice if you're done dealing with confusing harnesses and want a wearable, hands free option that doubles as a double-ended dildo.

How to bring up sex toys with my partner?

Sex toys are called toys for a reason – they are all about having fun and trying out new things! Your sex life should be anything but boring, especially if there is a special someone (or someones) that you are comfortable having sex with. Spice up your partnered play by throwing a new ingredient into the mix with the best sex toys for couples found on Bellesa Boutique, the award-winning online sex retailer.

Personal experience with sex toys makes introducing them to a partner a lot less daunting. So show your partner just how good you know they make you feel. Seeing you having fun is sure to be an automatic turn-on, and an easy way for them to join in on the pleasure party. At the end of the day, it's all about making it an inviting learning experience for all involved. If you still need convincing, here are 5 reasons to bring sex toys into your relationship.

Intensify playtime with your partner by testing out different erogenous zones. Here at Bellesa, we encourage all our bbs to genuinely seek out the fun and spontaneity that comes with sex and being confident in your sexuality. Test out different toys and don't be afraid to use them in different ways. Sure, a bullet vibe is marketed for clitoral stimulation, but how about testing it out around your nipples? The possibilities are endless, so grab a consenting partner, a body-safe sex toy and let the fun begin!