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Masturbators for Men

At BBoutique, we believe that sex toys are for everyone. So to all men, get ready to take your pleasure into your own hands. Thanks to BBoutique's expertly curated selection of masturbation toys for men, take your sex life to the next level next time you're playing solo or have a partner nearby. Don't miss out on the ability to experience fantastic pleasure thanks to these toys that are sure to blow your mind. Every. Single. Time.
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You want male masturbators? We got ‘em.

What is a male masturbator?

For those unfamiliar, a male masturbator is a sex toy used to help people with penises pleasure themselves. The cylinder shape of these toys makes it convenient to insert a penis within the confines of this toy - also referred to as a masturbation sleeve. As you adjust the suction levels and vibration modes, a sucking sensation akin to oral sex or penetration is produced.

Whether you use a hand-held or hands-free male masturbator, these toys make it possible for people with penises to achieve mind-blowing orgasms with or without a partner. In addition, they may be used during a sexual experience as a way to warm yourself up, finish yourself off, or anything in between.

What are the best male masturbators to buy?

Are you searching for the best male masturbators on the web? Here is a list of some of our top-rated masturbators for men:

  • If you’re searching for premium quality male masturbators, the Satisfyer Men 2.0 is an excellent choice. This elegant-looking toy is designed to stimulate the entire penis. Made of skin-like material, this masturbator includes an innovative inner pressure regulator that is sure to knock your socks off.
  • Need a fantastic blow job? This one’s on us. The Zolo Automatic Blowjob Masturbator is sure to please. This rechargeable automatic male masturbator includes two unique suction modes that allow you to enjoy hands-free fun as intensely as you’d like.
  • With the Goodhead Helping Hand Masturbator Mini Stroker, your DIY sessions just got a significant upgrade. Soft on the outside with stimulating massage beads on the inside, this masturbator is made from skin-like material to provide that extra personal touch.
  • Searching for a super satisfying male masturbator? Made from super smooth silicone, the Satisfyer Men Vibrating Stroker vibrator has 14 unique rhythmic vibrations allowing you to use it for everything from foreplay to a whole intercourse experience.
  • A revolutionary male masturbator, the Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Stroker is undoubtedly one to add to your naughty list. Complete with eight different intensity levels, the Arcwave is made from CleanTech silicone, making for a smooth, divine-feeling experience.

How to use a masturbator for men?

In terms of how to use them, simply complete the following steps:

  1. Find a Toy: There are multiple types of masturbators for men. Make sure you choose one that is up to your preferences and fulfills the itch you're trying to scratch. Here's a helpful guide of the best toys for penises.
  2. Choose a Location: You can choose any discreet location where you feel comfortable. Choose a location that provides you with optimal comfort and pleasure.
  3. Lube Up: Next, don’t forget the lube! The type of lube you use depends on the kind of material your sex toy is made for. Make sure you purchase lube that is compatible with the material of your toy.
  4. Start Slow: Sex toys are fun but also powerful. If you have never used one, you may want to start slow, and if your toy includes a vibrator or suction feature, start with a lower level and work your way up.
  5. Enjoy: Have fun and don’t forget to clean it with sex toy cleaner when you’re done!

When and how you use male masturbation toys is totally up to you. Want to involve your partner? Feel free to use it as a part of the foreplay process so that everyone can get in on the fun. Looking to relieve a bit of tension before a date? Simply whip it out and use it until you climax. If you want to use it as a part of sex, switch back and forth between the masturbator and your partner.

Alternatively, it can be used as a way to enjoy a big finish if your partner does not want you to finish on or inside of them. Don't be afraid of getting creative with when and how you use your sex toys!

Main features of male masturbation toys

  • Suction: One of the main features of most sex toys is the suction feature. This is what makes them feel so fantastic and otherworldly as they apply pressure directly onto the penis.
  • Entry Points: Most male masturbators include an entryway that allow for easy insertion and clean-up.
  • Vibrators: Many male masturbators also include vibrators included within the toy's structure, making the experience much more exciting.
  • Skin-Like Textures: Lastly, they often include soft silicone textures to make the experience more realistic.