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Wand Vibrators

If you’re seeking serious sexual magic, wand vibrators will inevitably make their way up your wishlist. No matter if you’re searching for a vibrating wand for women that is discreet and portable, large and powerfully in charge, or anything in between, there is undoubtedly a perfect magic wand vibrator for you.
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You want Wand Vibrators? We got ‘em.

What is a wand vibrator?

Haven’t you heard? A wand vibrator is a massage device that is most commonly used as a vibrator or sex toy. They typically have long handles and a round vibrating ball at the top, which is where they get their name. The older models may plug into the wall, but most of the newer models are rechargeable and hand-held. Either way, they are often used to help users achieve pleasure alone or with a partner.

These sexy massage wands are made from body-safe silicone and allow you to explore versatile vibration modes and intensities for perfect stimulation. The beauty and versatility of these toys allow you to discover how powerful vibration patterns feel all over, for a full-body pleasure experience. For a more in-depth Guide, read our Wand Vibes 101.

What is the best wand vibrator to buy?

The features of classic wands have come a long way since they first appeared in our bedrooms, but their purpose of getting the whole body aroused isn't going anywhere anytime soon. If you are looking for the best body massager currently on the market, here is a list of some of our favorite toys and best wand vibes.

  • Searching for a cutting-edge magic wand vibrator that is whisper-quiet and comes with its own cute & discreet case? Then the Demi Wand is the perfect magic wand vibrator for you. created by Demi Lovato and Bellesa, this wand is a labor of love, designed to make you sing in excitement. Waterproof, rechargeable, and great for a variety of external stimulation, this is the epitome of new-age, accessible and inclusive wand vibrators.
  • On the hunt for a magic wand vibrator that is both luxurious and affordable? Created by Bellesa, the Nirvana Wand is highly beginner-friendly, but powerful enough for sex toy blackbelts, too. Nirvana is waterproof, includes an LED light bar, and is designed specially to stimulate the clitoris.
  • If you were a major fan of the original version of the Magic Wand, you’re going to love the reboot. The new and improved Magic Wand is rechargeable, making it much more convenient and efficient. A classic vibrator wand with a head made from silicone, this model has four different intensities allowing you to choose your own sexual adventure.
  • Looking for an effortlessly cool wand that will impress? Considered to be the Magic Wand's trendy cousin, the Bodywand offers intense vibrations that can be enjoyed all over your body. Designed specifically to pleasure the clit, it is everything you need to have a great day, night, or afternoon delight.  

How to use a wand vibrator?

Ready to use your vibrator? Well, everyone has their own unique kinks and preferences. So how you use it is entirely up to you. However, here is a basic set of instructions to get you started:

  • Charge it: We know you’re eager to use your vibrating wand, but the first thing you will need to do is consider the power source. If your wand vibrator is rechargeable, you will need to allow it to fully charge before using it. How long does a vibrating wand take to charge? Well, that varies, but generally speaking, you will need to charge it for at least 120 minutes.
  • Wash it: You should also take the time to wash the head of the wand before using it. However, you should be careful to protect its electrical components. For instance, when using a rechargeable wand, make sure that the wand vibrator is no longer connected to the charger before rinsing it off. Either way, make sure you rinse it off using special sex toy soap or antibacterial soap.
  • Test it out: Before getting down to business, try testing it out on a less sensitive body part. For instance, you may rub it on your nipples to get a feel for its power and intensity.
  • Use lube: Once you’re ready to go down under, add some lube to the vibrating wand to help prevent potentially painful friction.
  • Have fun: There is no right or wrong way to pleasure yourself with a wand vibrator. Simply start slow and work your way around your vaginal area until you find your sweet spot.

Tips for How to Use & Clean Wand Vibrators

Using a wand vibrator is all about awakening your body to new pleasurable sensations. The best form of foreplay, they also make for the perfect masturbation buddy.  When in use, make sure that you are sitting, standing, or lying in a position that is most comfortable to you, as always, for your ultimate comfort.

Never forget to use lube when you can with your toys – especially with the increased friction on skin that body massagers bring. Finally, you should be using a sex toy soap or antibacterial soap to wash the vibrating wand before and after use. You should always store the vibrator wand in a clean, dry place that is neither overly hot nor cold.