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10 reasons winter is the sexiest season of all

By Bellesa Team

Though we know it is as the most “wonderful” time of the year, let’s not forget that it is also the sexiest time of the year. Don’t let the cold weather fool you — winter can be HOT!

Here are 10 sexy things to love about the chilliest season…

1. Make it steamy

The sexiest way to recover from the cold weather is share a steamy bath or shower with your boo (or even just with you!). Light some candles, break out the suds, cue up the Marvin Gaye (or whatever your sexy playlist of choice is) and get it on. 

2. Horny holidays

Between Christmas mistletoe and New Year’s Eve, this season really wants you to kiss someone. Whether you have a significant other or there’s a crush on your radar, there are ample opportunities for smooches with a special someone during the holiday season.

3. Sweater Weather

While many are partial to the sundresses of spring, daisy dukes of summer, or even the sexy boots of fall; winter apparel is actually the hottest of them all. The soft sensual textures of fleece, cashmere, velvet, silk make getting close and cuddly irresistible. Not to mention, there is something to be said for the mystery of what is under that chunky knit sweater…

4. Getting Cozy

Nothing warms you up quite like someone else’s body heat… the cold weather provides the perfect excuse to cozy up to a special someone. Anything from holding hands, to cozying up under a blanket, to getting down and dirty at your friend's holiday party (just kidding); there’s ample opportunity for physical, intimate contact as a means of "warming up".

5. Ambiance

Winter is vibey AF! Don’t underestimate the early sunsets, the long dark nights lend themselves to ultra romantic ambiance. A candle lit dinner for two, or a movie night next to a roaring fire are easy ways to set a sexy and romantic mood and elevate a simple night-in.

6. Sip, sip, hooray!

Winter is the undeniable best bevy season. There’s nothing like cozying up with a hot beverage to make you feel all warm and fuzzy… Maybe even spike it for some extra fuzzies. Plus, make it an even more sensual experience by whipping up a batch of hot cocoa or apple cider to fill your home with yummy aromas.

7. Sunny destinations

Take a break from the cold and the snow and book a trip for 2 to a sunny destination. We love a cozy night in, but sometimes you just need mix it up and enjoy some sun. Pull your sexy summer wardrobe out of retirement and get away! Don’t forget to pack your toys for an extra sexy vacation.

8. Winter wonderland

Even if you’re only up for cold outdoor activities in small doses, there’s no denying that they can be fun and romantic. A walk through the snow, visiting a local holiday market, sipping cocktails by a bonfire, or even stargazing under a warm blanket… Plus, the best part of spending time outside is heading in to warm up 😉

9. Lazy mornings

Waking up on a cold winter morning in your warm comfy bed with your significant other next to you lends itself to lazy, cozy, sexy mornings. Spend that extra 30 mins in bed (or the whole morning if it’s the weekend) for a sexy start to the day, before facing the cold air waiting outside the comfort of your duvet.

10. Nostalgic nights in

Go for a more playful vibe and channel your inner child for a fun and nostalgic date night in. Anything goes: a classic holiday movie marathon, sledding, making a gingerbread house, playing board games in a cozy blanket fort! Have fun with it and let your silly sides run the show.

Note: hot chocolate with mini marshmellows should definitely be included!

Whether you love or hate this time of year, there’s no denying that the only way to combat the cold is to turn up the heat. Stay warm bbs! ❄️

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