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Ultimate guide to sex positions: Eiffel Tower

By Maya Khamala

Let’s talk about sex positions.

Whether you’re starting out with a new partner or looking to spice things up with an old flame, this series of guides is for you. 

Next up, we have the tall ’n proud Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower:

To put it simply, the Eiffel Tower involves 3 or more people who position themselves in such a way that they collectively resemble the, um, Eiffel Tower. Some consider this the perfect starter position for threesomes because it’s relatively easy, modifications are plentiful, and people of any and all genders can do it.

Enter the Eiffel Tower, arguably the most famous threesome position ever. The idea: 2 thrusting partners penetrate a third receiving partner who is bridging the gap between them, down on all fours. One thrusting partner is penetrating the receiving partner from behind—anally or vaginally—while the receiving partner performs oral sex—be it a blow job or cunnilingus—on the second thrusting partner. Then...wait for it...the penetrating partners touch hands, hold hands, and/or high-five, thus making their bodies look very vaguely like the iconic Parisian landmark.

How can more than 3 people participate? Well, there can be 2 receiving partners, side-by-side on all fours, instead of just 1. That’s how. If this is the case, the 2 thrusting partners can then switch back and forth as they please.

Since the Eiffel Tower can only be enjoyed with 3+ people, if you’re interested, you’re going to want to have an honest conversation with your partner about threesomes and/or group sex before trying this. As with any sexual act, only if/when all parties have confirmed they’re ready, willing and enthused can you begin planning out your, um, sightseeing excursion.

The Eiffel Tower position resembles the Spit Roast position, but the main difference is that in the Eiffel Tower, the partners on either end of the partner in the middle touch hands. Really though, unless you're super into mid-sex high-fives, this probably won’t matter much.

A note on terms:

When discussing penetration, we use the terms “thrusting partner” for the person with the penis (biological or synthetic), and “receiving partner” for the person accepting the act of penetration (vaginal or anal).

It is important to note that being a receiver is not a passive, subservient role. It is an active, enthusiastic role. There is power in choice, and by choosing to invite their partner inside them, the receiver is exercising that power.

Furthermore, the thrusting partner is not just a giver. Of course, they also receive pleasure during the act. But for the sake of clarity and consistency, we have selected these terms for the two sides of the dynamic.

How to do it:

Getting into position is pretty straightforward—you don't need to be extra flexibile or really strong.

To start, the receiving partner gets down on all fours, forming the tower's base.

Then, one thrusting partner stands in front (facing the receiving partner) while the other stands behind her. Instead of standing the thrusting partners might kneel—it depends whether the receiving partner is on the floor, a bed, etc.

The receiving partner then performs oral on the person standing in front while being penetrated by the person behind.

The two standing partners then take each other’s hands or slap ‘em together in an excited high-five over top of the receiving partner, effectively forming the tower's peak.

Reasons we love it:

-Threesome positions where everyone's getting in on the action in a satisfying way are rare gems—this is one of them!

-The Eiffel Tower can be enjoyed by any gender-combo of partners. In other words, it might include vaginal or anal sex, a dildo, or a strap-on.

-For receiving partners who enjoy being submissive and being “taken,” or “used” by more than one thrusting partner, this position offers the potential of a peak sexual experience.

-For receiving partners who get off on being the centre of attention—literally—the Eiffel Tower is a dream cum true.

-It provides a sense of domination for the 2 thrusting partners as well as a lot of visual stimulation. They can look down and see the receiving partner being penetrated at both ends or look at each other and see their own pleasure mirrored.

Variations to try out:

Flipped Eiffel Tower

This variation shares the same basic structure as the Eiffel Tower. The only change is that instead of the receiving partner being on all fours, they flip over onto their back. Voila, so many new possibilities!

Double-Stack Eiffel Tower

This involves a scenario with an aforementioned second receiving partner who, in joining, helps form the base of the tower. They can face the same way as the original receiving partner; slide under the first receiver, head-to-toe, while 69ing; or they be flipped over and laid down back-to-back on top of the original receiving partner. The thrusting partners now have four different variations to choose from for penetration. Consent is key here, of course, as are cross-contamination precautions.

Other tips and tricks:

-Receiving partners who are not receiving enough clitoral stimulation in this position might add a toy to the mix. The back thrusting partner could use a vibrator or their hands to stimulate the receiving partner(s).

-If partners are of vastly differing heights, it can be tricky to line everything up. A pillow or sex wedge could be a game-changer.

-If anyone who happens to be on their knees is uncomfortable, a pillow or thick yoga mat will do the trick.

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