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Kink it up a notch with our curated selection of BDSM toys and kink play essentials. Blindfolds and restraints. Paddles and floggers. Cuffs, collars, and nipple clamps... oh my. You’re gonna look so good communicating those boundaries and sharing your safe word. 

You want kinky sex toys? We got ‘em.

What is kink?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the exact definition of kink is, "unconventional sexual taste or behavior." That being said, unconventional is a subjective term. Ball gags and nipple clamps might be common to one person, and a complete mystery and fantasy to others.

For the most part, we can consider unconventional to mean using props, other body parts, or non-sexual activity and incorporating them into the sexual experience. Whips, ropes, costumes, leather, spanking, handcuffs, foot play, etc. These are all considered kinky (and fun). Interested? Here's a list of ten kinky sex toys for you to explore.

Must have BDSM toys

Bellesa Boutique is the best place to buy all of the kinky sex toys you need. Voted the Best Online Sex Toy Retailer 2022 by XBIZ and AVN, we know a thing or two about making sure our bbs are getting ultimate pleasure from the toys they're buying from us. To help guide your kinky sex toy journey, here are some of our favorite kink toys, as recommended by our Bellesa sexperts.

  • Looking for the best beginner BDSM toy? The Ouch! Introductory Bondage Kit includes 6 essential items for you and a partner to test your limits comfortably.
  • For an introduction into bondage play, discover our Sex and Mischief Bed Restraint Kit for adjustable fun. Just pick a safe word and tie each other down.
  • In a pinch? The Sex and Mischief Nipple Clamps are the perfect thing for nipple stimulation.
  • The Liberator Black Label Wedge is the best unconventional pillow you can buy, and put to the test, it will literally elevate your wildest experiences.
  • If you're looking for something classic, the Black BDSM Rope is one of our best sellers and part of the best bondage sex toys you can get. It's all about its simplicity.

What are kinky toys?

Kinky sex toys, also commonly referred to as BDSM toys, are a fun way to discover the limits of your body and mind in a sexual setting. Relating to bondage, domination, sadism, masochism, BDSM sex toys offer up a world of new possibilities, thanks to the exhilarating power dynamics they can imply and entail. When engaging in BDSM play with a partner though, remember that communication and consent is key, and that you should always feel in control no matter what position you find yourself in.

If you're new to the scene, we recommend reading up on it to see if it's right for you. Take a peek at our How to Ease into BDSM guide for a quick debrief surrounding the jargon you need to know. The most common kinky sex toys you'll encounter are bondage gear, including ropes and restraints, and a varied range of fun accessories such as nipple clamps, blindfolds, spreader bars and floggers.

How to use BDSM toys?

So you browsed through Bellesa Boutique, read up on kink and BDSM, saw some fun new eyebrow-raising toys, added them to your cart, and did a happy dance when your discreet package arrived at your door. Now what? As with all your sex toys, we encourage you to get first get familiar with them before introducing them to anyone else.

Introducing a partner to the idea of exploring kinks or discussing your fetishes can seem like a daunting task. That's why we wrote an article about it to help you navigate that conversation. The most important thing to remember when using BDSM toys is that you also need trust, safety and communication. Can you think of anything sexier? 

Each BDSM toy has a distinct purpose, and is made to be used under specific circumstances. Within the BDSM community, the act of being with a partner when toys and particular actions will be introduced is called a scene. It's important to always pre-establish your boundaries before these scenes, so you and your partner are aware of the others' limits. Feel free to explore as many kinky sex toys as your heart desires & as always, if you have any questions, reach out to our sexperts to learn what product would be a perfect for for you.