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7 masturbation positions you need to try

By Maya Khamala

Orgasms are wildly varied—in fact, I posit that no two orgasms are identical. How could they be when we’re all unique beings? But while masturbation is a fabulous use of your time, and having orgasms is unbelievably good for you, have you ever given any thought to the position in which you pleasure yourself? 

Many of us (even those of us who are super exploratory with a partner) assume the same position every time we masturbate. Some of us know what works and don’t want to screw with it. Some of us treat masturbation like we do watering the plants or cleaning the house: as a practical item on our to-do list. And others among us try to emulate the self-pleasuring we see in mainstream porn, which is so often much less about pleasure than it is performance!

Have you ever considered whether the position you’re masturbating in influences the type and intensity of your orgasm? Personally, I can’t cum unless my legs are open wide. I don’t see anyone denying that different sex positions affect how we experience pleasure, as well as how, and indeed, if we climax. So, it only follows that masturbation deserves the same creative consideration.

Next time you’re hunkering down for some sexy solo time—perhaps with your fave toys in tow—consider trying the following 7 masturbation positions on for size.

1. Missionary

Professional masturbation maven Maddie Dragsbaek dares suggest that, “Maybe we shit on the greats too much, and maybe the greats are the greats for a reason. Perhaps, masturbating on my back…is just, objectively, the best way to masturbate.” Let’s face it, the missionary position is not often viewed as exciting or empowering—not to mention, someone needs to decolonize that shit and give it a new name. But the fact is, masturbating on your back allows your muscles to relax so you can easily access your clitorisvaginaanus, or breasts. Experiment with your feet on the bed and knees in the air, or simply spread your legs to better position your pelvic muscles for some delicious orgasmic clenching.

2. Lotus 

If your legs and hips are on the tight side, this may take some getting used to, but will gradually help loosen the area up. Sit upright on your bed (or any other comfy surface), touching the soles of your feet together, and letting your legs splay open. This a known as the butterfly or lotus position, and is a common yoga pose. Spreading your legs in this way brings healthy tension to your pelvic floor muscles, and can make your orgasm feel even better. If sitting up straight is too much, use a wall for support, or lean back on a stack of pillows. One advantage of sitting rather than lying down is that it’s even easier to reach down and stimulate yourself, making internal and g-spot orgasms that much more attainable.

3. Doggy

While doggy style is most often associated with penetrative sex, it moonlights as a solo play superstar. First, position yourself on your hands and knees. Then, use one hand to stimulate your clit and vulva until you’re, well, satisfied (if this means reaching mind-shattering orgasm, then so be it!). Doggy-style also happens to offer stellar access for anal play or penetration with fingers, a dildo, or vibrator. Just remember, it’s always important to use a generous amount of lube when exploring anal masturbation, you know, since the anus doesn’t naturally self-lubricate like the vagina does.

4. Cowgirl

Cowgirl is a thrillingly active position. For starters, take to your knees on your bed (or wherever you want) and straddle a pillow, blanket, or other firm yet soft object. Rock back and forth, dry humping (or indeed, grinding) the object with your vulva. You might also roll your hips in a circular fashion—as you please. This position is perfect for stimulating the clitoral hood and labia, and the extra blood flow to your pelvis can boost both arousal and orgasm. To shake it up even more, experiment without a pillow (using a toy or your hand instead). You might also try it out in reverse, or horizontally.

5. Squat

If you feel at ease relying on the strength in your legs, pleasuring yourself in a squatting position is a fantastic way to really open up your vaginal canal for that deep penetrative action. If bouncing up and down is your jam, add a suction-cup dildo to the equation and bounce your way to nirvana, muscles activated for that massive release. Not in the mood for penetration? Go for a quality vibrator, or bring yourself to the brink with your hand, as you rock and hop to your rhythm. This one’s also great if you get off on the strength of your fantasies—you might imagine being watched or tag teamed (maybe suck on a second dildo for extra effect). Yum.

6. Snake

If you masturbate best lying flat on your stomach, this one's for you. Begin by grinding your pelvic bone and clit against your hand, or your favorite vibrator tucked beneath you. The weight of your body adds the perfect level of extra friction, and your back-and-forth motion is a shockingly arousing way to stroke your fast-hardening clit. This position is a great way to encourage a more active climax, as it really makes you gyrate those hips. Feel free to experiment with wild abandon: perhaps using a pillow or two for a little extra stomach and hip support is just what the good doc ordered. 

7. Upright

If you’ve never tried masturbating while standing, now’s your chance! First, stand up against one side of a doorframe. Then, slide one foot across to the other side and get yourself into a nice, stable stance. Congrats—you’ve now got unfettered access to your vagina, clitoris, vulva, breasts, nipples, and anus, so Merry X-mas. Maybe you go for your fave sex toy combo (butt plug and vibrating dildo, anyone?), caress your breasts and slap your ass, or up the ante by choosing a doorway in front of a full-length mirror. Just be sure to hold on tight to the sides of the frame when you cum so hard your knees buckle.

Bottom line: as with any other sexual act, there is no right or wrong way to masturbate. The important thing is feeling free to explore and experiment—to find what feels good, in this moment. That’s the stuff of life. <3

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