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Sex Toys


Fill me up, buttercup. Whether it’s for a solo sesh or for partner play, a good dildo will hit. that. spot. No matter your preferences, we’ve got it in stock. Shop large dildos, vibrating dildos, anal dildos, strap-on dildos, and more. All made from body-safe, premium quality materials, we’ve handpicked the best of the best for you! Not sure which one is a perfect match? Take our quiz to find out. Or you can always hit the DM’s and chat with our pleasure gurus to find the perfect dildo for you.

You want Dildos? We got ‘em.

How to choose the perfect dildo for you?

Just like us, dildos come in all shapes and sizes. Before buying one, it is important to know not what you can do for your sex toy, but what it can do for you. Are you looking for a slim realistic dildo to get started? Or maybe a bit of temperature play with a glass dildo to heat things up?

It may seem intimidating to find what works for you, but that’s why we are here to help.

By browsing our different categories, taking our quiz, or chatting with our satisfaction specialists who know our products inside and out, you can get a better idea of the type of pleasure you wish to experience, and how to achieve it thanks to a handy-dandy dildo. And trust us, we have tons to choose from - you're going to find the perfect one. Still unsure? Our Intro to Dildos is the next stop for you.

What types of dildos can I buy? 

These days, the possibilities of what you buy in the way of penetrative sex toys can seem daunting and endless. Luckily, we’ve broken it down into four categories to make your shopping experience a little bit easier.

  • Large dildos are available for the more experienced dildo connoisseurs.
  • Anal dildos are specifically made for anal use with a flared base to be safe.
  • Vibrating dildos offer that extra buzz to get you off right every. single. time.
  • And finally, strap-on dildos, for you and a partner to experience together.

What materials are safe sex toys made from?

Our dildos are made from high quality silicone and glass. That means all of our dildo sex toys are non-porous, phtalate-free, and hypoallergenic. Safe silky smooth fun for everyone! In an industry where what gets put into sex toys isn't regulated, we make it our responsibility to provide healthier sex toy options to our bb's.

We want the best for you, especially when it comes to something as intimate as sex toys and your private bits. You can play safe knowing that all of these products are water-resistant and easy to clean & dry, keeping bad bacteria far away from the bedroom. Or living room. Or wherever you have your fun. Also, never forget to pick the right lube!

On the topic of safer sex toy options, always be on the look out for products that are free from chemical ingredients such as chlorine or PVC - both are known to irritate skin and can cause major discomfort. Toxic much? Time to get rid of those cheap jelly dildos and invest in a more safe and sustainable option.

A general life lesson is that if you are going to put something inside yourself, it’s always best to know what it is made of and where it came from - and yes, that most definitely applies to your dildos. 

How do I use a dildo?

A dildo is a practical and sexy tool to have in your pleasure toolbox. Whether you use it by yourself or with a partner, it allows you to better explore and discover what can best work for you in the bedroom. While its main function is vaginal and anal penetration, some may use its length and features to stimulate the g spot or clitoris, in order to achieve different pleasure sensations. As long as you're satisfied (like these fab customers), that is all that matters.

Where can I buy a dildo?

Right here, at Bellesa Boutique. The perfect dildo is only a click away! We're a women-run company, and pride ourselves on simplifying the online search for the ultimate sex toy. We make sure that our packages are discreet, but that our toys' performance are anything but.

Since 2018, we set out to offer women the best pleasure they could buy and get shipped directly to their doorstep: we're proud to offer you a selection of over 30+ top rated dildos. Trusted by millions of satisfied customers, discover your new favorite bedside partner today.