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Sex Toys
Sex Toys For Men

Male Sex Toys

We love us an open-minded man. Toys and pleasure products add a whole new level of excitement and exploration to your sex life - but you already knew that. Our masturbators, prostate stimulators and cock rings are ideal for any man interested in exploring a more satisfying climax. So take your pleasure – or that of your partner – to a higher level, and check out these awesome goodies for men.

You want Male Sex Toys? We got ‘em.

What are Male Sex Toys?

Male sex toys concentrate on providing stimulation to the penis, balls, or anus, for increased sexual pleasure. Ranging from the more well-known sex dolls, pocket pussies and butt plugs, to the more modern vibrating cock rings and prostate massagers, these adult toys have become a way for men and people with penises to explore their sexuality.

Whether you're looking to mix up your sex life with a partner, or change things up during your go-to solo pleasure routine, we've got just the right thing for you. Our collection of over 60 masturbation toys for men is carefully curated by Bellesa's pleasure gurus and sexperts to provide you with the best options on the market. 

What are the different types of male sex toys?

  • Masturbators, also referred to as masturbation sleeves, are the classic oral sex simulators.
  • Prostate Massagers, for the ultimate anal play experience.
  • Cock Rings, for a longer-lasting erection and an increase in sensation for all parties involved.

The options don't stop there, though! Looking for anal beads, butt plugs and even more anal toys? We've got you.

What are male sex toys used for?

You get to have fun with all your toys, now it's your partner's time to indulge in some extracurricular pleasure as well. Extend your play with a variety of products you can introduce into the bedroom. Sure, playing with the parts you have is fun, but toys are the perfect way to discover what you like or would like to explore with a partner – the same can be said about our kink compatibility quiz.

There are two distinct categories when it comes to the use of male sex toys. There are male masturbator toys, which fully encompass the penis and offer sucking or vibrating sensations. Then, we have stimulators and accessories that target a specific area: prostate, balls, or anus to provide a specific heightened sensation. No matter the toy, the goal is always to increase pleasure with body safe toys, in order to explore your sexuality and the amount of fun you can have with toys in bed!

What are the best male sex toys to buy?

The best sex toy is the one that is going to make you feel good in your body. Really good. Here at Bellesa, we may be an award-winning sex toy retailer by women, but we know the importance of pleasure for people of all sexes/genders. With our discreet shipping and great prices, there's nothing stopping from you stocking up on all of the toys!

Here are our expert recommendations of the best male sex toys money can buy.

  • Are you a couple looking for a mutually beneficial toy? The Halo by Bellesa cock ring with seven vibration settings  is sure to set things up for success, just like the We-Vibe Pivot hands free cock ring with app control.
  • Looking for that next level masturbation sleeve? The elegant Satisfyer Men 2.0 masturbator receives the highest praise as being the best bang for your buck.
  • Do you like to add the power of VR to your pleasure sessions? Try out the Kiiroo Titan Interactive male stroker.
  • Interested in anal toys but don't know where to start? This Helix Syn Prostate Stimulator is great for beginners.