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G marks the spot. Get ready to uncover the biggest pleasure treasure possibly ever. Although some seem to believe it is imaginary, the elusive g-spot can make sex feel absolutely euphoric. Given that so little guidance and education is shared surrounding this topic, many are missing out on some of the most amazing pleasure imaginable. Luckily, g-spot vibrators help you get the job done every time. Time to explore these magical devices and see how you can make them work for you.

You want G Spot Vibrators? We got ‘em.

What is the G Spot & how do I find it?

The g-spot is a part of your clitoral network, located a few inches inside the vagina within the upper wall. Many people don't realize it, but the part of the clit that you can see is just the beginning. It actually has two 'roots' along the top of your vulva that can be up to four inches long, called the internal clitoris. This area tends to be highly sensitive and can swell when aroused. This aroused state is ideal because it makes the g-spot easier to locate when masturbating or engaging in intercourse.

To find it, simply relax and massage the opening of your vagina and slowly insert either a sex toy or finger, based on your preference. If using a sex toy, gently lift it towards the belly button and slowly apply pressure on your top vaginal wall. Make sure to go slow and be attuned to your body to notice once you've hit the right spot.

When using your fingers, you can usually identify it by its spongy texture, and put pressure on it by making the 'come hither' motion. Although the come-hither motion is often the easiest way, you may need to modify this motion depending on your body, the size of the toy and how it fits into your vagina. If you want to get even more technical, check out our Bellesa Wiki Urethral Sponge/G-Spot page to learn more.

What are the best G Spot vibrators?

Now that you know more about the actual g-spot, we're sure you're ready to jump in on the fun. So, for your enjoyment, here is a list of recommendations of toe-curling g-spot sex toys, approved by our Bellesa sexperts and our thousands of loyal customers.

  • Searching for a fantastic g-spot vibrator that will pleasure g-spot beginners and experts alike? The Aurora by Bellesa g-spot and clit vibrator is an ideal pick. Offering a curved tip that allows for mind-blowing g-spot stimulation, this vibrator that allows for blended orgasms is sure to keep you coming back for more.
  • In need of a more dynamic g-spot rabbit vibrator? The Jack Rabbit - Thrusting Rabbit Vibe is made for you! This toy penetrates in a way that mimics a natural thrusting motion, making it an excellent toy for solo or couple play.
  • Looking for a powerful toy that comes in a pretty package? A 7.5" vibrating dildo with a realistic tip, the Luxe Purity Vibrating Dildo is great for anyone looking for g-spot stimulation. Available in several colors, this vibrator allows you to play throughout the night any way you like.
  • If you’re searching for a waterproof vibrator that will allow you to have hot & steamy solo play sessions for as long as you'd like, add the California Dreaming - G Spot x Clit Dual Vibe to your cart asap. Complete with a curvy shaft and three sexy speeds, this vibrator has everything you need to have amazing sex for as long as you’d like.
  • The most practical g-spot vibrator, the Satisfyer Charming Vibe was everyone's quarantine BFF. Complete with 12 powerful vibrations, six intensities, six rhythms, a silky surface, and more, this vibrator has all the bells and whistles you need to achieve the big O over and over again.
  • Who knew G-spot stimulation and oral sex could be combined in one toy? We did. Let us introduce you to the G-Kiss Dual Stimulating Massager, one of the best dual vibrators. Pleasure your g-spot and your clit for 55 minutes at a time. You will definitely be coming back for more.

How to use a G Spot vibrator?

Okay, now that you know where to find your g-spot, time to understand how your toy is going to work on you. Ready to use a g-spot vibrator? Well, it’s simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Have fun browsing & buying on Bellesa Boutique the perfect toy for you!
  2. Do a happy dance when your discreet package from us arrives.
  3. Decide which toy will be the lucky one you take for a ride.
  4. Apply your favorite toy-friendly lube.
  5. Explore and stimulate all of your favorite erogenous zones.
  6. Insert your toy & target the g-spot until you climax.

The different types of G Spot vibrators

If you are wondering about the different types of g-spot vibrators, there are several. Such as:

  • The classic dildo vibrator
  • The dual stimulator
  • The double penetrator
  • The rabbit
  • Waterproof vibrators & more...

Ready to hit the right spot? If you are looking for a premium quality g-spot vibrator, this short guide is sure to get you headed in the right direction. No matter if you want something small and powerful or large and in charge, we have something to accommodate your needs. Try one on our list out, or peruse our catalog and create your own. Either way, get ready to experience some toe-curling pleasure.