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6 ways to surprise your significant other for Valentine’s Day

By Bellesa Team

Valentine’s Day is here and the pressure to do something special and creative and unique can be intense to say the least. If you’re scrambling for last minute plans or need a little something extra to boost your evening, consider one of these V-Day surprises to bring the WOW factor.

1. A boudoir photoshoot

Sure you can do this on a professional scale, but you can also totally do this at home and in a snap. Grab your phone, your sexiest lingerie (or whatever makes you feel sexiest), and follow our tips for a DIY boudoir photoshoot.

No time to get your pics printed? No worries! Photo albums are outdated anyway. If you really want to bring the heat, airdrop the album to your partner during dinner… or wait until you’re in the Uber if you want to avoid a potentially awkward situation with your server.

2. Put it on tape

If you’re into the idea of a little V-Day keepsake, suggest making a sex tape. Whether you view and wipe immediately or hang onto it for further viewing, recording and watching yourself can be super spicy. As with everything, consent is #1, so have a candid conversation and make sure they’re 100% on board before hitting record.

Before you jump in, here are 7 things you should know before making a sex tape.

3. Buy yourself a new fit

Sure you could pick up a cute new dress for your dinner date, but I’m referring to the fit under the fit. Take your lunch break at the nearest mall and get yourself something that makes you feel hot af!

Remember, lingerie is just as much for you as it is for them. So make sure you feel sexy, not just look it. If you struggle to feel confident in minimal clothing, follow our tips on how to feel sexy in lingerie.

4. Get kinky

If your partner has shared any fantasies, fetishes, or kinks consider exploring them together for V-Day. Dabble in BDSM by trying a blindfold or cuffs, or get into some more specific kinks and fantasies with any of these types of sexual play:

Temperature play

Wax play


Age Play

Impact Play

Edge Play

Food Play

5. Try your hand at butt stuff

If you’ve been considering giving anal sex a go, V-Day might be the perfect opportunity to broach that new frontier. Prepare yourself with our guides to anal sex, prostate play, and strapping for the full butt-stuff run-down.

6. Introduce toys!

If you’re not already using toys with your partner, now is the time to start working them into your routine. Whether you’ve never used toys with your partner or you’re looking to incorporate a a new type of toy, here are our tips for introducing toys to a partner.

Use any of your tried and true toys or try a couples toy, designed to provide increased pleasure to both of you!

Just remember, as much as we LOVE the element of surprise, consent is sexy! Make sure your partner is on board with with everything before you dive in head first, and keep lines of communication open throughout. Wishing you all a fun and sexy V-Day <3

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